Cleared For Takeoff

Why Fly?

As long as you can remember, you've wanted to fly. It's one of those "must do" items that are often found at the top of every bucket list. 

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For most of us flying is an exhilarating hobby, no different than boating or riding motorcycles.

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When you learn to fly and qualify as a private pilot, the travel possibilities are truly endless.

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Fly Kingston is a growing destination for aviation enthusiasts of all skill levels.

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Get Up Here

At fly Kingston, we have a wide range of pilots from many backgrounds.

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At Fly Kingston we are always offering deals on flight training academia and flight gear merchandise.

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Fly Kingston News & Events

“There is so much exciting news happening at Fly Kingston. Every week we grow our pilot membership. We are soon becoming THE PLACE in Ontario to fly! Stay tuned for more information for our next group flight out of town for lunch or dinner. It’s a blast!

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