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For young enthusiasts to seasoned pilots, Fly Kingston is internationally recognized as the premier flight training school in Ontario. For those interested in a career in aviation, Fly Kingston is here to helpWith storage facilities, training, resources and opportunities for all members of the aviation community, Fly Kingston is the place to take your love of flight to new heights.

About Us: The Beginning

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Fly Kingston has emerged as a new hub for pilot training and aviation in Ontario. We strive to establish a strong and vibrant community, creating networking opportunities for flying enthusiasts and professional pilots in region. Our flight school is staffed with a Class 1 airline pilot (ATPL)  instructor who can teach every flying rating and endorsement including seaplane. When combined with top-of-the-line aircraft, our mandate becomes abundantly clear: We are building the next big destination for pilots of all levels of experience.

Terry Cox is Fly Kingston’s Chief Flight Instructor and the main contact for all students, pilots and visitors. His qualitative approach to professional pilot training is renown across Canada.

The Fly Kingston Vision

Our Vision

Fly Kingston’s mission is to engage, develop, and mentor students from a variety of backgrounds into the most highly-trained pilots of tomorrow; with expanding facilities, a growing community, and big ideas for the future, we want to get more pilots wheels up and more would-be aviators in the cockpit.

Our vision is to bring together instructors, pilots and enthusiasts in-person and online for a thriving and collaborative community.

Our Future

As we grow, our core values guide everything we do:

    • Wheels Up and Wings Level: We’re working to get more people off the ground, more often, by making flying more accessible and flexible than ever before.
    • A Love Affair: We want to ignite your deep passion for aviation by providing online platforms and live events where pilots can meet and share their love of flight.
    • Safety is No Accident: We emphasize safety in all of our operations, and we want to spread that focus to all of our students and community members. We strive to deliver information and equipment that keeps flying safe for everyone, and we want to underscore this dedication by serving as a positive example for other facilities and organizations.
    • Connection & Community: We want to continue to integrate Kingston into the wider aviation and business communities.
    • Grassroots: We’re proud to be part of a close-knit community and want to maintain that focus of existing by the people, for the people. Any flying enthusiast can contribute to the Fly Kingston vision, no matter their age or level of experience.
    • Give Back: Commensurate with our goal to make flying more accessible, we want to provide unique opportunities for enthusiasts and pilots to teach, share, and grow together.

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